Thursday, February 01, 2007

Update as of Thursday February 1 2007

Update as of Thursday February 1, 2007

Hello Everyone,

Time just keeps flying by.

Maria is still doing well. It has been 2 months since we received very bad news that our time is limited with Maria. As we told you, we were not supposed to have a great Christmas or January. Well, Maria is still dancing, singing, laughing, telling jokes and playing with her brothers, everyday. We cherish every second of it and we thank God for it. Thank you for your continued prayers.

I don’t know if it is her age, or her life experiences, but Maria is a comedian. She tells more jokes than I do at a bad alcohol induced Christmas party, AND she is funny! Just yesterday, she interviewed her best friend at the bus stop because it was the first time Morgan was at the bus stop before any of her sisters. Megan kept saying I can't believe Morgan made it to the stop first today. Well, Maria wanted more information and used her reporting skills. So, like a good reporter (or comic) Maria asked the tough question with her thumb microphone in hand, “So, how does it feel Morgan?” No comment from the bus stop star.

Maria is the best little 7 year old girl in the world. This picture is Maria in the Nine West store with mommy trying on hats. She did not buy this one, but I wanted her to.

Quick story time. Last week, Maria and her brothers made mommy and daddy breakfast. It was soooo cute. We closed our eyes and were guided into the kitchen for the great surprise of homemade, gourmet, Cheerios! With milk! We ate like royalty and Daddy had to clean up afterwards. I don’t know how I got that job, but it was worth it.

On a more serious note...Today we ask for your prayers for a very nice family who just lost their beautiful little girl, Kate, (January 27, 2007) to this horrible tumor. If you remember one of our previous posts, Kate is the only other child we have actually met in person with Maria’s diagnosis. We met her and her mother Colleen at St. Jude. Please pray for sweet Kate, her Mom and Dad and twin brother Erik.

Just_before posting today, we learned about another child we lost. John J Lipski (January 31, 2007) JJ’s family has been a great resource for us in following many other children and their progress. They have also been a pillar of strength, love and prayer. Please pray for JJ and his family.

Foundation update –

Thank you to everyone for supporting our new foundation! The response has been incredible and we are very excited about the future. We are so grateful to the numbers of you that are willing to donate your time and talents. We will be contacting all the volunteers accordingly.

We have added a “wish list” of some top items that we are looking for. Check out our GetInvolved link to see how you may be able to help.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support and love.

God Bless,
Ed and Megan