Saturday, May 27, 2006

Update as of Friday May 26, 2006

Hello Everyone,

Today was the 3rd last radiation treatment for Maria. Tuesday and Wednesday will be the last two. I am sure that we don't have to tell you how excited everyone is to be going home. We will never forget Memphis, TN for the rest of our lives. Maria will now need to return monthly for scans and doctor visits.

We wanted to take this time to tell you about all the special people that we have met here. There have been so many people that have done so much for Maria, you would think that we have lived here for 30 years.

It all started with an old high school friend of ours that introduced us to her aunt and uncle. (as you heard before in other posts) As you know, they are the ones that called St. Francis of Assisi.

Our blessings have been numerous. First we were able to get Maria into St. Jude with the number one Radiologist in the world. We also have one of the greatest Oncologist in the field using the newest and greatest Chemotheropy, Tarceva. Second, Monsignor Peter from St. Francis has let our family into his home and has let our sons run all over his yard! God bless you Monsignor Peter! Next, we have met a few of the women in the church from 3 different Moms' groups. They have brought food to us every single weekday night for the last month, they have brought toys for our children to play with, they have brought their children here to play with ours and to keep us company, they have given Maria and her Mom a girls' day out to get their nails done, they have given us gift cards to Kroger and Wal-Mart and more. But what they have given us that is better than everything else combined is their love and their prayers. They have signed up until September to have the Novena to the Infant of Prague said for Maria and our family every day. May God bless all of you. We pray for you every day.

Now on to the most important thing in the world--Maria.
Today was a great day. First, at 9am we went to Audiology to have a final check up for Maria and test her hearing. As most of you may remember, Maria had severe hearing loss in her right ear and could not hear voices, and only some sounds. Our doctor told us that this most likely will never come back and, if it did, it would take a long time and only be partial hearing. We noticed Maria's hearing seemed to be better than they had predicted. Today the audiologist tested Maria 3 times because she had to validate what she didn't believe was possible! Not only does Maria have hearing back in her right ear, it is 100% back to normal. The audiologist said that she had never seen anything like it in the past. Maybe once, maybe, but she could not remember. She said that even if the tumor was only blocking the nerve for that short period of time, there is always some type of internal damage. She said that she only calls the doctors if there is significant change in hearing, and today she was going to have to call all the doctors. She also said that normally, she doesn't call the doctors with good news, only bad.
Miracle or Science?

That was great news for us today. Keep in mind that this in no way means that Maria is cured, she is not, but she is on her way!

So what is next? Well, we were told today Maria will be getting a CT scan next week to check on the activity of the tumor. This is not an MRI, just a quick scan. This will give us a good baseline to work from going forward. This was not scheduled until today and we were told that this is a good thing.

So, we are very excited about next week and look forward to spending this weekend swimming and laughing. Miracles can happen.........and do.

God Bless
Ed and Megan


Mohar Family said...

Ed & Megan,
Thank you so much for all the updates, they have been sad and up lifting! Your posting today brings tears to our eyes, as well as faith in our prayers! Maria, such a young beautiful girl, has had so much power on many of us. She has made us true believers in our faith, prayers and miracles! We will continue to pray many times a day for Maria and keep our faith that Miracles DO happen! May happiness return to your lives and God Bless all of you!
Lots of Love,
The Mohar's

Anonymous said...

Miracles do happen. We are will continue to pray for Maria everyday in Kindergarten. On Wednesday, May 31st, the morning K classes as well as some of the afternoon children and their parents are attending the morning mass with special intentions for Maria. Mrs. French, Mrs. Pallotta and myself are attending the rosary also. The entire junior high as well as many other classes are also attending the rosary on the 31st. We have so many people in our parish and all over the city, state and country praying for Maria.
We look forward to seeing you soon.
Hugs from the kindergarten.
Mrs. Ritzler

Anonymous said...

Dear McNamara Family,

Paula Ritzler (Maria's teacher) called me this afternoon and left a phone message to tell me to make sure I checked your website for some great news. I couldn't stop smiling when I read about Maria's hearing test results! How wonderful! We can't wait until your family is back in Ohio, too. But it sounds like you have a new "family" in Tennessee, as well. What fantastic people you have met to make you feel so at home, away from home. I can't wait to give Maria a big hug when she comes back to school! We have missed her so much in the kindergarten, and we talk about her every day. I have seen her "Thank you" notes hung up in classrooms all over the school! What terrific handwriting she has! I can tell she has been working hard while she has been away. We continue to pray for you every day! Have a safe journey home!
Wendy Pallotta

Anonymous said...


Thank you for keeping us up to date on Maria. Becky and I have been using Sheila Fenton's web site. I have been substitute teaching at both St. Bernadette and St. Richard quite a lot and every room I'm in I get the children started praying for Maria.
I believe in prayer. Chris's accident emphasised that for me.
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Dear Edward and Megan:

I have tried to write you on other occasions, but could not get it to work. Ron will help me this time and maybe it will process.

We pray daily for all of you. It is so encouraging to know that God has worked a miracle and brought Maria's hearing back to her. The One Who made her loves her. God is so kind and merciful.

It is also encouraging to hear how so many have reached out to you in your time of need.

Thank you for sharing your lives. Your daughter is so beautiful.


Aunt Pam

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd check Maria's site quickly while the kids brushed their teeth for bed. Now they want to know why I am crying!

I can't say that I am surprised by the support you have received while "stationed" in Memphis or by Maria's remarkable audiology recovery. You are truly such an unbelievably warm, caring and loving family that I don't see how anyone could resist to help you. It is so nice that the kids had other children to play with and you had other loving parents to talk to.

Maria's hearing being 100% normal is just the beginning of miracles. God's awesome work is beginning to reveal itself! I find it very exciting to wait and see what will unfold in the future.

Please have a safe trip home, McNamara Family! I pray you can return to Ohio to get back into a normal routine--one that will just be surrounded by more love and prayers.

Love and God Bless,

"But as for me, I shall sing of His strength;
Yes, I shall joyfully sing of His loving kindness in the morning,
For He has been my stronghold,
And a refuge in the day of my distress.
O my strength, I will sing praises to God;
For God is my stonghold, the God who shows me loving kindness."
Psalm 59:16

Anonymous said...

I pray for you every night. I pray for your Mommy & Daddy too. I am glad you get to go swimming.

Johnny Kirschnick

Anonymous said...

This is great news! We hope the news continues in this path of greatness. We continue to think of you each and every day, of Maria, the boys and the baby. God Bless!
The Hite Family

Anonymous said...

Ed and Megan,
My name is Sr. Kathleen and I am Director of Holy Family Learning Center in Lakewood. We take in chldren from 6 weeks to 5 years of age. Today, Friday June 2nd, I was made aware of your daughter's situation and asked if we would pray for a special miricle in honor of Maria. Please know that Maria's name is on our prayer board and she and your whole family will be remembered in our prayers, thoughts and deeds. God Bless you. Sincerly, Sr.Kathleen and the HFLC staff

Anonymous said...

welcome home. hope maria is feeling better. enjoy family and friends at this time. welcome the support. you are truly amazing parents. everyone is praying and hoping for the miracle.... glad to hear the hearing results are so positive. enjoy the summer with Maria.. God continue to bless your wonderful family. anonymous