Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Update as of April 10, 2007

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick but important message that we wanted to get out to everyone. I had the opportunity to meet with Robert Indian of the State of Ohio Health Department. He is the one heading up the Leukemia study for Avon Lake. He has been working in the past year and a half and has gathered a lot of data in regards to Avon Lake and childhood cancer. He is going to have a report out in July with all the details.

As a separate study, he is taking a closer look into all the children’s cancer in Avon Lake. He wants to reach out and talk with every family whose lives have been affected by childhood cancer. So here is what you can do to help. He is going to do a detailed study of every child (15 years or younger at the time of diagnosis) who has had cancer diagnosed while living in Avon Lake from 1994 up through April 15, 2007. He will meet and talk with all of them if they so desire. The only catch is he has to know about them in order to include them in the study. He needs to know who these children are in order to get a better understanding of the numbers. So, we need to help Robert Indian and get him the following information no later than April 15, 2007. We only have 5 days. Please email the foundation with as many children's information as possible. Send the following information to info@prayersfrommaria.org :

Name of Child
Type of cancer
Date of Diagnosis
Phone number

No family has to participate. Robert Indian will contact them to discuss details and ALL information will be kept confidential. He would still like the basic information so that he knows about all the cancers, but you don't have to participate. If you don't want to email this information to the foundation, you can call him directly. Email us for the phone number so that not just anyone will call.

Please send this information ASAP. Even if you don't know all the information, please send us what you do know. You don't have to be living in Avon Lake today, just on the date of diagnosis.

Please call, email and talk with everyone you know in Avon Lake today. We need this information to make sure that the information is accurate.

God Bless,
Ed and Megan


Anonymous said...

Robert probably has our info. I worked with him quite a bit on the last study. I will contact him again to be sure.
Chris Aiello
Parent of Jake AIello - Leukemia patient

Anonymous said...

Hello Megan, Ed, Maria and family

I know Don Engle through the scouts. My father told me about you daughter because my daughter Amber is battling a differnt form of cancer right now too. Her journey has been long. I was so happy to listen to the video of Maria and things are getting better with her from the site. We will pray for Maria and all of you to enjoy everyday of life just like we are.
God bless all of you.
Jim Dugan

Anonymous said...

Thanks for my note and stickers. Talk to you later.

Anonymous said...

Maria is truly a living miracle, being so brave through all of this. I will continue to believe that God's plan for her is the right one. Don't stop believing, and don't lose faith. Maria has truly reflected the Lord's good work.

Maria also helped me so much when I am down, reminding me of how special life is. Thank you, Maria.

-Former St. Raphael student

jenhealan said...

I am praying daily for all the children that have this dreaded monster. My daughter's best friend was diagnosed in July 2006. Her tumor is progressing and they are trying to get her into a clinical trial at St. Jude's. Maria is so beautiful! Your family remains in my thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria..

From Denmark i send you my prayers.

Hope - Belive - Love

Maria Little

Anonymous said...

I have followed your story since last year. Wow! My prayers are with you daily, what a strong family you are. Your Maria has given me strength and courage to keep living after a few losses my family has had, from young to old... It felt so empty and lonely, but reading and following Maria's story it has given me new hope to have Faith that Heaven exists. You have touched my life forever. Maria, if you can hear me, thank you.