Monday, June 05, 2006

Thank you Bay High YPF

Another beautiful example of love from our community is the YPF from Bay High School. Thank you so much to Jim Cahoon and Bay High’s YPF students and all who attended their event. These kids really make a difference with their hearts and their hard work.

Thank you to all of you who have given donations to Prayers for Maria. Early on in treatment we spoke with Maria’s oncologist, who is closely united with the research division at St. Jude’s (most people don’t realize that St. Jude’s is a research hospital and doing some very wonderful things). We spoke to him about what is being done to find a cure for this tumor and how we can assist in aiding the research. We are exploring many possibilities and will keep you posted as we move along.

God bless,
Ed and Megan


Anonymous said...

We are so glad to hear Maria is "living a normal life" again. I think we all do definitely see what you see - God is using Maria in such a way to bring all of these people from around the world together. No race difference, no gender difference, no nationality or religious difference - we're all "here" for one purpose and that's for Maria - but from that, so much love and fellowship has come about. When you're having one of those bad days, remember how you and your family have brought together all of these people with many differences and backgrounds to believe in ONE thing. And don't be afraid to come to the website, you may need to just "get it all out" in order for you to keep up your strength and courage. You're doing a GREAT job! Keep Believing!!!

The Hite Family

Anonymous said...

(Ran into technical difficulties so I hope this isn't duplicate)

I have to agree that the event was marvelous and I was very impressed by the young people and their good hearts. I could feel so much love for Maria there and also that there is still goodness that is blossoming and being spread throughout the community and beyond. Much praise to Mr. Cahoon and his students! Thank you for honoring Maria!!

Glad to hear the family is home safe. It really warmed by heart to hear last Thursday that Maria made it to Kindergarten. I can only imagine how everyone's faces must have lit up at seeing Maria back where she belongs. What a wonderful way to finish out the school year. Great Job Maria!!

Keep strong and God Bless-

Anonymous said...

Dear Maria and Family,
I learned of your site through JJ Miracles Other kids, My nephew Colby,, Steigerwald (will be 5 on July 5) he has an inoperable Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma and had been given the same time frame for survial, he has cross eye and double vison (which we believe is no longer even though he still has his eye crossed per Doctors) and loss of some strength they found out on 03/06/06. Our families didn't give up either and found themselves at ST. JUDES From 03/09/06 thru 04/29/06 (Radiation completed) he's on Iressa and has been such a trooper We live in South Florida and Memphis was far away but my sister Catherine says the same thing about everyone from staff to families up there, I have such respect for the whole picture and see how much love and prayers can come from people you don't even know, ITS POWERFUL I am very sorry to see that this ugly tumor has once again arrived in such a beautiful youth, But I wanted you to know that from now on Your entire family will be included in my prayers and to wish for the Miracle our families are waiting for. Please feel free to contact me on my email I will share anything I have on his results Please also feel free to go onto his site. My heart goes out to you!!
May each day bring new HOPE!!!!
HOPE, LOVE, and STRONG VIBES for our miracles

Liz Smout/